How To Stop A Map/Reduce SuiteScript When It Is Processing

How do you stop a long running map/reduce script in SuiteScript? There are two ways to stop the running of a map/reduce script: cancel the script in the Map/Reduce Script Status area, or make the running Map/Reduce script inactive. Here’s how each method works. Cancel Map/Reduce Script You might be able to stop a map/reduce …

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OmniGraffle API: Get Text Data From Shapes

I recently had an exercise where I needed to extract all the text from an OmniGraffle document. The task at hand was to check a beautifully designed organisation chart against a spreadsheet list of staff. Doing this task manually was going to take far too long. There had to be a better way of extracting …

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Measuring tab space width

How Many Spaces Is A Tab: 2, 3, 4 or 5?

In Microsoft Word you can control whether or not you want to see the white space characters in your document. This helps to check you haven’t incorrectly inserted a tab where a space should have gone and vice versa. Generally, a tab is the same width as 4 to 5 spaces provided the font being …

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Wordpress Word Counter PHP Code

Word Count WordPress – PHP Code

If you want to know how many words your WordPress articles have you can open up each post individually and by clicking on the top left-hand corner’s information icon it will display the number of words. For example, when I completed this post I was curious as to the quantity of words I wrote and …

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Copy Files From Windows Server To S3 Bucket

If you use Dropbox to sync your forex screenshots for later viewing you might want to use a more lightweight outfit for the task. Dropbox can bloat your Windows VPS and can also cause unintended consequences if you create more folders. Why not try a better, cheaper alternative with S3.