Amazon SES: How To Receive Email

If you’ve created your own custom domain and want to be able to create custom email accounts, but don’t want to register for a Gmail Business account due to cost then there’s an easy way to manage an email server within Amazon called Simple Email Service (SES). In this article you will learn how to …

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How to Create a Google App Script Library

How do you write code in Google App Script which prevents others from being able to edit? By creating a library which is attached to a Google App Script project you can circumvent the issue of having others accidentally edit your code.

Best Editor For Coding SuiteScript Seamlessly

There are several excellent coding editors for SuiteScript programmers to choose from, especially if you’re not too fond of the Eclipse IDE which is the recommended tool of choice within the SuiteScript help documents. In this article I explore other editors and share my personal preference.