Check Broken Links On Website Without Using Scrapy

After moving my blog to Hugo and then back to WordPress, I knew there would be a few broken links on my website. The question I asked myself was: How can I create a spider that scans through my website and tests all the links? Initially I came across the fast and popular Scrapy Python… Continue reading Check Broken Links On Website Without Using Scrapy

Best Way to Install NodeJS on Mac OS

What’s the best way to install NodeJS on your Mac machine? In this article I briefly go through the steps of how I installed NodeJS on my recently nuked Macbook Pro.

Common Mistakes With Jekyll Front Matter

If you have a page hosted on Github Pages using Jekyll there are times when a little character in the wrong place can cause the whole site or page to crash. Here is a list of gotchas I’ve encountered and how to prevent them from happening again.

Function Hoisting In JavaScript

When writing functions in Javascript it can be a little confusing. Hopefully by walking through a few examples we can see the nature of hoisting in Javascript to better understand it’s behaviour. In Javascript the following functions are hoisted: Notice how within the foo() function that there’s a return statement between the two bar() functions.… Continue reading Function Hoisting In JavaScript