Add Empty Row In HTML

How do you add an empty row in HTML? To add an empty row in HTML for your table use the code <tr><td colspan=”X”>&nbsp;</td></tr> otherwise if you want to add an empty row without using a table use the <hr> tag. Here are some examples demonstrating how adding an empty row looks in your HTML …

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XPath AND, OR, NOT Conditions: Logical Operators (Examples)

How do you apply logical conditions to get multiple elements, very specific elements, or even exclude elements using XPath? XPath syntax does enable the use of logical operators and, or and not() when searching for elements within your HTML or XML document. To use the logical and and or conditions on obtaining certain elements wrap …

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Insert Line Breaks In HTML Code

How do you insert a line break into your HTML code? To insert a line break in HTML use the line break tag <br />. The line break tag is self-closing and doesn’t have a corresponding closing tag, like the paragraph tag does: <p></p>. For example, to include a line break tag in your HTML …

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How To Add Blank Line In HTML

How do you add a blank line into HTML? Several ways are possible, with each unique approach depending on your specific use case and what is permissible for you to edit with the HTML. Reasons for why you might need to insert blank lines into your HTML code could be to render it in a …

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How To Write Fractions Using Only HTML & CSS

Is there a way where I can write math looking functions without the need of bringing in MathJAX or other heavy LaTeX renderers? Especially if the need is quite simple, such as writing a simple algebraic fraction. Thankfully there is!