Best Editor For Coding SuiteScript Seamlessly

If you’re looking for a good text editor to perform your SuiteScript coding there are good editors, such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code , but the one I personally use on a regular basis is PyCharm .

Both platforms enable you to:

  • Write and analyse your JavaScript code;
  • Have integrated terminal and console windows;
  • Git integration;
  • Ability to code in other languages, such as Python (great for web-scraping and data analysis of your saved search csv files!); and
  • Connection to your SuiteScript File Cabinet (although the plugin for VSCode is a little more cumbersome to set up), and once setup you can then upload directly to your project’s folder in NetSuite.
  • Both are free PyCharm Community Edition , although I have an Ultimate licence that provides access to all of JetBrains products).

PyCharm and the more commonly known other JetBrains IDE WebStorm have been around for quite some time, and I have been more familiar with their product because of this.

As a result I use more frequently the PyCharm IDE as my go to editor and occasionally when I’m coding in the Advanced Template syntax ( FreeMarker ) I will use the [IntelliJ]( editor).

I have requested for this to be a plugin so that I don’t need to pay for all different versions of JetBrains, so if you similarly inclined you may want to up-vote this request too

I’ll detail more in subsequent posts about how I use the PyCharm IDE from JetBrains in my day to day workflow.