What Is The Formula To Calculate Age?

Recently, I had an issue where I needed to calculate the age of a person at specific dates throughout the year. Using a Google Sheet, I thought I could simply subtract one date from the other and divide by 365, but this ended up not being as accurate as I wanted. To calculate somebody’s age …

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COUNTIF range is not blank formula

Google Sheets Count If Not Blank: Best Approach

How do you count a range of cells and exclude counting empty or blank ones in Google Sheets? The easiest approach to count cells that are not blank is to use the COUNTA() function. The COUNTA() function has the following parameters: The COUNTA() Google Sheets function takes one or more values and counts those values …

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Locking Columns In Google Sheets Using Menu

How To Lock A Column In Google Sheets

Very similar to our previous article on how to make a header row in Google Sheets, in this article we’ll show how you can lock a column in Google Sheets. To lock a column in Google Sheets easily just navigate and click on the View menu, then on the sub-menu Freeze, then click on either …

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Freeze 100 Header Rows in Google Sheets (Prank!)

How To Make A Header Row In Google Sheets

I was recently working with a lot data on my Google Sheets spreadsheet and as I scrolled down the page the information from the top rows moved off and I could no longer see (and could no longer remember) what each column’s label in the first row was. Thankfully there’s a nifty little feature in …

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