Common Mistakes With Jekyll Front Matter

If you have a page hosted on Github Pages using Jekyll there are times when a little character in the wrong place can cause the whole site or page to crash. Here is a list of gotchas I’ve encountered and how to prevent them from happening again.

Function Hoisting In JavaScript

When writing functions in Javascript it can be a little confusing. Hopefully by walking through a few examples we can see the nature of hoisting in Javascript to better understand it’s behaviour. In Javascript the following functions are hoisted: Notice how within the foo() function that there’s a return statement between the two bar() functions.… Continue reading Function Hoisting In JavaScript

Netsuite Aggregate CASE Values

If you want to aggregate your CASE results in a NetSuite Saved Search then you easily do so by applying the SUM grouping function to your Formula. Here’s an example illustrating aggregation and nested CASE statements.