Best Way to Install NodeJS on Mac OS

What’s the best way to install NodeJS on your Mac machine? In this article I briefly go through the steps of how I installed NodeJS on my recently nuked Macbook Pro.

How to Clone Google App Script Code to Your Local Computer

If you’ve done work from the Google App Script Editor, but need that extra development environment to help you code, then there’s a great module you can install from npm that will help you edit and push your edits from your computer to your Google App Script code in the cloud. This has the added benefit of also being able to apply git to your code if you need to push your code to your organisation’s repository.

Common Mistakes With Jekyll Front Matter

If you have a page hosted on Github Pages using Jekyll there are times when a little character in the wrong place can cause the whole site or page to crash. Here is a list of gotchas I’ve encountered and how to prevent them from happening again.