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Stuck Making Custom Reports in NetSuite?

Couple of quick notes in regards to NetSuite reports that I found today when playing around.

  1. Whenever you are importing GL Accounts into your report you can only have ONE import of that GL Account. This means that should you need to include multiple instances of a GL Account in a report that you would need to create a formula that references the GL Account.
  2. Another aspect is that there are different types of reports. One monitors movement (cash flow, income). Another monitors balance (balance sheet).
  3. When trying to create a report that contains balances, and you want to be able to set the report up to have multiple columns that span time periods, you will need to add Amount columns where they are related to a date and then you set a Custom Date to a specific period. This means if you’re looking to see how certain GL Accounts have spanned over the year, on a monthly basis, you would need to add multiple Amount columns and set the Custom Date for each month.
  4. The accounting period total in a report is perhaps the best way to try and see over a period of time what the amounts have been. You can have Amount and Budget Total side-by-side in the accounting periods that you want to view, you can also add a Budget Amount: which is found in the budget collapsed menu on the left-hand side.
  5. You can also reference other reports and their totals this might be handy if you want to have a consolidated report that references all the individual entities such that if you had a cash flow statement and you wanted to be able to show the movements on each level all the different subsidiaries and what their ending cash flow balances are.
  6. To be mindful that you can only reference other reports that are of the same type such that you can only reference movement type reports and balance type reports against each other.
  7. There are some filters that are sticky in that they cannot be removed, however what you can do is that you can add the same filter and restrict the report further. For example, if you don’t want the ability for users to select a department or subsidiary you can set that by adding a filter and selecting the department or subsidiary and then not showing that in the report.
  8. Be also mindful that whenever you are reversing the sign that it’s perhaps probably best to just reverse the sign on the account level rather than the total level or the summary level, but it obviously does depend on what you’re trying to show.
  9. You might also find that if you do have two reports that are of the same type that it might still not be able to be referenced because the columns are of a different type. For example, you might have Budget Amount whereas the other reports have Actual Amounts.

Anyway, just thoughts and limited experiences.