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Solved! Explain Everything Powerpoint Issues

I’ve noticed with the Explain Everything app that Powerpoint doesn’t seem to work too well with it.

Upon importing a PPTX file from Dropbox into the Explain Everything app the font and settings of the Powerpoint slides weren’t looking good. Here’s a sample of how the imported Powerpoint file can look:

Cover slide of a Powerpoint presentation within Powerpoint

And here is how the same Powerpoint slide looks in Explain Everything app:

Same cover slide in Explain Everything app

Can you spot the differences between the two slides?

Another problem is also the rendering of Math equations, here is a shot of the original equation in Powerpoint:

Original powerpoint containing a couple of basic math equations

Here is the corresponding math equation slide in Explain Everything app:

Equation slide rendered in Explain Everything


If you would like to import your Powerpoint slides into the famous Explain Everything iPad app for screen-casting you should look at these alternative ways if you’ve found, as I have, that there isn’t a seamless transition from your Powerpoint presentation to the way it’s displayed within Explain Everything.

These ideas only work if the slides are static – i.e. there are no animations or movies/videos in them

The two solutions I have used are:

1. Export your PPTX file as PDF

This can be done from any Office Mac application and is a simple matter of printing the slides with the option of selecting to PDF.

However, if your backgrounds aren’t white you will notice a rim around your slides as seen here:

When exporting non-white background slides you will have a white rim

A couple of solutions around this issue are:

  1. Make your slides only have a white background, therefore, it will look as though the whole page is a slide.

  2. Export your PPTX to JPEG’s

Within Powerpoint you have the option of exporting your slides as JPEG’s. Simply click File > Save As Pictures…. Before you select the destination click the “Options” button in the lower left part of the window and make sure the dimensions of the slides are set to width 1024 and height 768, as show here:

Export your slides as JPEG with dimensions 1024 x 768

The benefits of this approach is that you will have full bleed slides to edit and write over and will not suffer from the same white stripe problems as PDF exporters will.