DATEDIF How to Calculate Difference Between 2 Dates

How do you find the difference between two dates in Google Sheets? Do you just subtract two dates? Or is there a handy formula you can use to better calculate the difference. In most spreadsheets there is a handy little function called DATEDIF (date dif) which can do more than just find the difference in days between two dates.

How to Customise Your Mac Using Dot Files

Do you regularly wipe your computer and start over again? I tend to perform this ritual on an annual basis to keep my Mac clean from software I downloaded, but now no longer use. The only hassle with this approach is that each time you reboot into your Mac you need to go through configuring everything again. Not so with this handy little feature, check out dotfiles.

Solved! Explain Everything Powerpoint Issues

If you would like to import your Powerpoint slides into the famous Explain Everything iPad app for screen-casting you should look at these alternative ways if you’ve found (as I have) that there isn’t a seamless transition from your Powerpoint presentation to the way it’s displayed within Explain Everything.