Bye Bye Google Apps For Business

Today was a sad day.

For the first time I had to set up a domain and where I didn’t utilise Google’s Apps free services in structuring the email side of the domain. Over the last decade I’ve enjoyed being able to use Google’s free services, but alas that time has now finished and to use their services it will cost you US$5/month.

What Google should have provided is a free year’s worth of Google Apps services for a newly created domain just so users can get used to their wonderful services and then pay for the privilege of continuing with that service once they’ve established their domain. But then again who has never heard of Gmail before?

And with Google offering their services for free to students in the education industry it’s likely everyone will know what Gmail is, fall in love with it when they’re at school and university, and then demand it from their employers when they work.

Anyway, regardless of their decision or what they should have done, what’s done is done.

What I’ve had to search around for is an alternative 3rd party supplier of email accounts for a domain.

And I’ve been happy with my new provider: Zoho Mail

Their interface isn’t as seamless as Google’s, but it was still very easy to structure my first email account with them. I’ll keep you posted on the development of the domain with the free Zoho service, but for now it’s a good alternative to Google Apps and I’d highly recommend them to anyone.

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