Advanced PDF/HTML Template A4 Pixel Dimension With NetSuite

If in NetSuite you’re designing a template and need to know how wide you can go with a table or other HTML element such that it fits snugly on to the page (in pixels), then the maximum width I found with NetSuite’s default page margins is 675px.

Knowing this can help you set the width size of two (or more) adjoining tables that need to be squeezed in together on the same horizontal as shown in the diagram below:

A4 Template Width
A4 width in Advanced Templates is 675 pixels

Unfortunately the default template view will look as though you can squeeze two tables with widths that total 816px, but when it comes to print it’s a different story.

Hopefully this helps as you develop your Advanced PDF/HTML Templates – it took a few trial and errors before I hit it.

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