Solved! Explain Everything Powerpoint Issues

If you would like to import your Powerpoint slides into the famous Explain Everything iPad app for screen-casting you should look at these alternative ways if you’ve found (as I have) that there isn’t a seamless transition from your Powerpoint presentation to the way it’s displayed within Explain Everything.

How To Test MX Record Configuration

If you need to diagnose an MX record setup due to your new domain not receiving any emails then you might want to use this nifty little tool. Also, while you’re at it don’t forget to check you’ve correctly entered the right details into your DNS provider’s settings!

How To Remove Cloudflare cf-protected Error

While Cloudflare offers amazing DNS functionality and speed for the delivery of those visiting your website, sometimes it can get in the way when traffic needs to be passed through without any interruption. Here’s a particular case where I needed to bypass CloudFlare’s servers.